(App)solutely Necessary for Travel

Here are some of our favorite apps to help make traveling as pain-free as possible!

I know what you’re thinking, I have a gps app that I love and trust unconditionally. Maybe you usually use Waze, Google Maps, or Apple Maps. I have personally had issues with each of these apps while traveling. Sometimes it was as simple as losing service while I was trying to get directions, but there were also times when the directions I was given were wrong and I ended up lost on a man’s farm being told to drive off a cliff. Maps.me has been the most reliable in my travels, and every traveller I have discussed maps.me with along the way has raved about this app. The app allows you to download city maps before you get there, so that if you don’t have wifi or data you can still find your way!

When you’re traveling with someone, dividing up the costs can get tricky. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for you to split every individual charge, and keeping track of what everyone pays for can just be tedious and complicated. Splitwise allows you to input each cost as you go (if you don’t have Internet connection it will sit in the app and upload when you do), specify who paid and whether the cost should be split equally, and then the app does all the math for you. Splitwise will tell you what the final tally is when your trip is over, plus you will have a record of all your purchases, which is great when trying to keep track of expenses or stick to a budget!

Some form of Cloud
A few friends of mine have had phones or cameras stolen while traveling, or lost them to the bottom of the ocean. As terrible as it is losing an expensive piece of technology that you want to use for the rest of your trip, the worst part is always losing your photos – you can’t buy those back. This is why I suggest using any form of online drive to store these photos; be it iCloud, Onedrive, or whatever else you generally use. My personal favorite is Google Drive because I never seem to run out of space and it’s easy to use!

This one is necessary for those of you that are planning on camping or road-tripping in Australia or New Zealand. You can specify whether you’re interested in caravan parks, campsites, or all of the above and CamperMates map will show you all of your options. They include information about price, and allow you to search for strictly free sites if you choose, utilities, etc. but my favourite part was the reviews section. Other campers will tell you about cleanliness, what the utilities are really like (ie. the washing machine has been broken for ages), and anything else you could possibly want to know!