Mel’s Update 12.9.2017

I was lucky enough to be able to stay in Aus at the end of our semester abroad to road trip along the East Coast for about 5 weeks, so I didn’t get home until July 31st. Truthfully, my student visa expired at midnight the night of July 30th, so I booked a flight for 11:50pm that night, the last possible flight I could have taken! The most exciting part of getting home for me was reuniting with my dog, Molly. Everyone that knows me knows that I should be embarrassed of my co-dependent relationship with my dog. She’s an absolutely adorable 9lb Maltipoo, so can you really blame me?!

Reuniting with Molly at the Airport 🙂

I finished my undergraduate degree while I was in Australia, so lucky me, I didn’t go back to school this September! I had originally planned to start a Master’s degree then, but I think the laid-back Aussie lifestyle helped me realize that there was no need to rush into a program that I didn’t really know if I wanted to do. However, I have been taking some really interesting continuing studies courses for interests-sake and to keep my mind ready for when I do go back to school. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable class is when you’re not being graded! I just completed a certificate program in Applications of Applied Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation, and look forward to sharing a bit about what I have learned with you guys!

I was also recently offered a job as a Research Assistant at Sunnybrook Hospital’s Health Sciences Centre, in a lab run by a psychiatrist. I am really looking forward to starting this soon! But I have to say, it has been really nice to have some time off to spend with my family. Between living in another city for school, and travelling for the first half of this year, I really have not had enough time with them recently!

So there’s a little summary of my last few months (leaving out the many sentimental moments looking at photos of Aus and missing Ser), and I look forward to sharing more with you guys in the future!