Welcome to our blog!

I’m inclined to tell you all about Serena and me, and why we’re writing this blog, but that’s way too much for one post so you’ll have to get to know us over time. I will start by telling you how we met. We both did exchange programs at the University of Western Australia in Perth, where we both lived at Trinity Residential College. It’s kind of funny how it took traveling to the other side of the world for us to meet, but I think we are incredibly lucky with how things turned out.

One of my first memories of Serena was during a weekend trip we took with some friends from Perth to Busselton and Dunsborough. While at the beach in Busso we swam to the jetty, climbed up, and a bunch of us were jumping off into the water. I was pretty terrified but somewhat embarrassed of that so I kept my mouth shut and did it anyways. When I climbed back up I found Serena there telling someone that she’s afraid of heights. I was so impressed with how open she was about telling people, and how strong she was to decide completely on her own to jump. She had lots of love and support from friends, but no one could have convinced her to jump if she didn’t want to. Needless to say, we became very close over the semester.

Well – Melissa pretty much gave you the run down! That’s how we met, but I never expected us to become as close as we have – long story for a different day. Melissa and I both want to travel the world, and we get along well enough to be able to do so together. This blog is our way of documenting these travels and the planning process, as well as tons of other fun stuff like baking, fitness, and – well – whatever else we feel like writing about! Stick around!

Photography: James Gavigan, https://jamesgaviganphotography.com/ (London, England area)